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studio sanaya

Studio Sanaya is studio located in Slovenia that offers a variety of fitness and wellbeing services. Through offering personal training, nutrition coaching, yoga, massage, kinesiology, and alternative health services, the brand’s mission is to educate and empower people to keep fit and healthy.

Wanting to have a recognizable brand look, we build a complete corporate visual identity and brand strategy from the ground up.


Building from the ground up, we created a color palette using purple and pink hues. The color purple goes perfectly with the services of the brand since it has a variety of effects on the mind and body, including uplifting spirits, and calming the mind and nerves. The color pink was added to supplement the purple as it evokes feelings of joy and happiness.

For typography, we decided to go with the Maven Pro font that has unique curvature and flowing rhythm in combination with clear and legible font Oxygen. With this harmonious pairing, we were able to create a soft yet strong and warm yet stable look to convey the brand.

studio sanya
studio sanaya


studio sanaya


The client wanted a business presentation website and eCommerce store in one. Along with easy to find a way around the website, priority was to add a contact form with a booking option and eCommerce feature for detailed product information, and multiple payment methods in the shopping cart.

Our goal was to set up a search engine optimized (SEO) and responsive website to attract new customers with an aesthetically pleasing design and intuitive online shopping experience.

studio sanaya


The first step of social media advertising was setting up Facebook and Instagram business accounts. We arranged basic information, created highlights icons, and designed examples of posts. 

The second step was setting goals behind post creation together with a client, and determine how to:

studio sanaya


Along with designing online promotional material we also created offline material f rom  branded stationery documents, business cards, gift vouchers, T-shirts, and stickers.


We developed a bright and soft yet strong look, that fits the brand positioning and resonates with the target audience. The result of our work is a recognizable brand with a complete corporate identity.

studio sanaya

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