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lift and flow

Lift & Flow is all about empowering women to be their strongest selves and pursue their purpose mindfully through yoga and workouts. Their goal is to make women feel comfortable in their skin and help them find a healthy balance between life and optimal health. Looking for a soft but identifiable brand look, we helped them create :


The main color of the brand, light mauvy pink is a color associated with love, kindness, and femininity. Contrasting its softness, we added hot pink and a little character to the brand. Completing the color palette from greys to pinks, there is calming and serene baby blue.

For typography, we wanted to go with clear strong lines and chose neutral, yet friendly appearance of fonts Heebo and Open Sans.

lift and flow
lift and flow


lift and flow


The client was looking for an aesthetically pleasing eCommerce store with an intuitive online shopping experience creating a seamless shopping experience, without resistance towards reaching the final checkout.

Other requirements were an SEO-friendly and responsive website, a single product page with detailed information, explaining the benefits of the product, and multiple payment methods.


lift and flow

eCommerce material

In eCommerce, the moment of delivery represents the first tangible contact a customer has with the brand. Product packaging matters because first impressions count.

The client wanted packaging that would differentiate the brand from competitors, create a memorable customer experience while remaining eco-friendly. They decided to go with cardboard boxes combined with custom printed tissue paper, thank you cards, and stickers to bring it all together.


The first step of social media advertising was setting up Facebook and Instagram business accounts. We arranged basic information, created highlights icons, and designed examples of posts. 

The second step was setting goals behind post creation together with a client, and determining how to:

lift and flow


Our team was a part of the products design team and product photography. First, we helped conceptualize and evaluate the client’s ideas to create the look and feel of the final products. After the products were manufactured,  we organized photo shooting to get high-quality pictures and content.


To accompany the core physical product of the brand we designed a digital product that is easy to distribute, sustainable, and available whenever or wherever through multiple devices.


lift and flow


We developed a soft and feminine branding, that fits the brand positioning and resonates with the target audience. According to the responses we’ve acquired so far, the site seems to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and functional.

lift and flow

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